President Hassan Sheikh has put a political burden on Somaliland


The federal government of Somalia is working hard to put strong pressure on Somaliland to stop the ongoing war in the city of Lasanood, as the government has taken effective measures.

According to reports, President Hassan Sheikh, who met with members of the international community, demanded that Somaliland be ordered to immediately withdraw the army from Lasanood in order to quell the tension in this city and also for the people to return to their homes.

Also, President Hassan Sheikh who spoke many times with President Bihi ordered to end the conflict and replace the dialogue, but at that time Bihi refused the request from Hassan Sheikh.

According to reports, President Muse Bihi has felt the impact of the federal government of Somalia. For the past two months, Somaliland has not received complete funding from the federal government, and the share of SSC has been cut and it is said that it will be given directly to the people of SSC while the situation changes. having.

Also, Bihi faced another pressure due to the fact that the international community has informed him that strong action will be taken if he does not make a peace decision soon, and the army does not withdraw from Lasanod.

Because of these issues, it is said that President Bihi tried to contact President Hassan Sheikh to change the situation, but this was not possible.

The President of Somaliland then spoke to the President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Geelle, to intervene in this matter, and to convene a meeting between him and President Hassan Sheikh.

Geelle, when he contacted his friend Hassan Sheikh, was told that there is a condition for closing the talks between President Hassan and Bihi, and he must accept the peace that is being negotiated by the intellectuals who left Mogadishu from the southern regions.

President Bihi has not yet accepted Hassan Sheikh’s request, but it is being reported that he is consulting with his ministers and Somaliland intellectuals to reach a unified decision as peace will not be sacrificed.

Somaliland sees a big defeat if it withdraws its army from Lasanood city, and also sees that they will be destroyed administratively if they recognize the SSC as an administration that did not belong to them.

In the Battle of Lassanod, which has not reached any results, the army is still facing each other, and it is always predicted that a war may happen.

On the other hand, President Hassan Sheikh who spoke the night before about the situation in Lasaanod said that his government is committed to replace the conflict with peace and also discuss any concerns.

Hassan Sheikh told them that both parties are not interested in killing people for no reason knowing that everything will be done after an agreement, and he called for the advice of Somali intellectuals to be gathered at the negotiation table.

Somaliland has been under a lot of pressure since the beginning of the war in Lasaanood, and Somaliland’s income from the world has been cut off, the work of the port of Berbera has decreased and development projects in Somaliland have stopped altogether.

Political analysts say that the nearest solution for Somaliland is to withdraw its army from Lasanood, call for a dialogue table so that the world can see that they are ready for peace.