Kenyatta’s family sent emissaries to govt to be left alone – CS Duale


Defense Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale says Former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family had sent emissaries to ask President Ruto to leave them alone.

In an interview with Spice FM Kenya, Duale said that, that guarantee won’t be granted to the Kenyatta’s family and if that is done then it should be given to all ordinary citizens in the country.

“Why is the Kenyatta family involved in causing the country’s instability yet they are the riches family not in Kenya but in Africa?” he said.

“They have sent emissaries that the former President and his family should be left alone. Nobody can guarantee them that. That guarantee given to them should also be given to ordinary Kenyans,” he stated.

Duale continued saying that, “The Kenyatta family will not be allowed to be left alone as they desire because if there is any issue involving the institutions of the government or the ministers that served under his regime, the parliament and the institutions must discuss it regardless of what.”

“If there is an audit issue for the subsidy for example and if falls within the former administration of Kenyatta, the public, parliament and institutions will discuss, if his former ministers had issues the independent institutions an still carry it and discuss about it,” he added.

“This happens even in other administrations\regime that is why the name will still be mentioned.”

Additionally, Duale said that they have advised the President against agreeing to the deal, adding that no one was above the law.

He explained that Ruto has always been very firm on respecting the rule of law whenever he makes his speeches.
“What advice did we give to the President? The whole plan is to have a handshake with Raila, who will then do the bidding of the Kenyatta Family on the crimes that has been committed against the people of Kenya,” he said.

“He has been very consistent. The President has been very firm that he will uphold the Constitution.”

The CS alleged that Uhuru’s family was pushing for Raila to get into a handshake with President Ruto pointing to intelligence reports.

He explained that the protests destabilized the government and would affect the country in the long run.

“Outside this, there is the extension of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s hand. The family was involved in yesterday’s demonstrations,” he stated in reference to being fed intelligence report

Duales’ statements came days after the Kenyatta’s family farm in Ruiru-Northlands City Project was raided by goons who stole 1,400 sheep and destroyed trees.

In pictures circulating on social media platforms, the rowdy youth numbering about 300 cut the trees using power saws and set the property on fire.

It appeared a well-orchestrated raid as the majority of the youth were seen armed with power saws and actively engaged in cutting trees.

Police did not intervene.

Others were loading the trees in pickup trucks with their motive.

The highly charged youth were also seen walking away with sheep from the farm known as Northlands which hosts the Brookside Dairy farm that is owned by the Kenyatta family.

In pictures circulating online, the youth were loading the sheep in vehicles awaiting on the busy highway.