Exorbitant Fees Charged to the People of Mogadishu


The electricity companies in Mogadishu have similarly overcharged their customers, more than three times what the customers used to use, and the people of Mogadishu have become very vocal about this, and its effects have been felt on social media. .

The electricity companies Beeko, Blue Sky & Mogadishu Power charged their customers a lot of money in the month of April, without any change in the price of electricity that was previously announced to the public or that people used something other than the equipment they used for electricity.

Beeko and Blue Sky companies have become the highest in the price charged to the public, while some people who used to use money equal to 10 to 15 dollars were charged more than 60 dollars, while some customers were charged more than 100 dollars.

Some of the people of Mogadishu who I talked to said that they were surprised when their bills were raised, and the company did not give any justification for this, and ordered them to pay the money without conducting investigations and also because of the general reason. the same for the public to pay more.

The companies mentioned above threatened to cut off the electricity if they do not pay, which shows that they do not want the government to be accountable for the problems they are facing.

Their electricity, which has no quality and control, and sometimes releases powerful electricity that can cause burning of equipment or houses, yet what they have done this month will be a test of the patience of the people of Mogadishu, and if they do not react, they will face it. They want these payments and more to be charged every month, also with their consent.

Since the electricity companies operating in the country, especially in the capital, are privately owned, the federal government has the right to set the price of electricity per Kilo Watt based on the price of fuel in the world.

I have not been able to contact the officials of these companies to ask about the reason for the excessive increase in consumption in April, which was no different from other months, except that the month coincided with Ramadan.

The people of Mogadishu are the most tolerant people in the country, because their rights are always violated by some government agencies and they do not speak about them, they pay taxes and do not have good service from the government and private companies that have such practices. and those who treat you a lot.

What is required of the federal government?

The federal government of Somalia, especially the government of national interest, has a great responsibility in this matter, as all the people are complaining, and they are not able to turn off the electricity, the government should hold the electricity companies accountable and also the services they provide.

Since the government has made a big change in the price of going to Hajj and reduced the price, in the same way, the financial analysts think that the government should retire from these issues, appoint a committee and set the price to be calculated per Kilo Watt.

Hamse government has begun to review all the complaints of the people, what is expected now is that the electricity companies that have been harassing the people will be patient, and they will be held to account with a strict hand, and another review will be done to collect the tax.

On the other hand, the administration of Banadir region has the duty to make all the electricity companies responsible for the lighting of the city, which is a duty, as many panels have been installed all over the city to the neighborhoods, and they are not allowed to connect them to a pole or anal.

Some companies that reside in government facilities, such as Eeneo, need Governor Madale to take away their rights in the country, especially in the city where they work in Mogadishu.

If the federal government, especially at the local government level, does not hold these companies accountable, the funds that seem to be stopped, and the city does not shine, it will appear that the government itself is happy with the suffering of its people.